Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I like cookie dough

#1. They are making an OC video game. Repeat: Attention Jolly, Attention Pedro: AN OC VIDEO GAME. No more waiting for Marissa to hook up with her girlfriend. No more waiting for Seth to sail to Portland on the Columbia. No more questioning if Ryan is the father; you can create the baby's mamma drama with the new OC video game! The article says that it will be like The Sims. Bonus-- you can create your own character! I'm making my character look like Jolly, giving him a nickname "The Falcon," and seeing how the OC treats him, bitch.

#2. Phase one of DeckFest 2005 is done. I will be staining it tomorrow, and then ripping apart the other side on Thursday. At least it looks like a deck now. And look at that kick-ass bench I made. Easy on the eyes, easy on the ass.

#3. I forgot how much I like eating cookie dough. Back in college, Kirk and I would buy those Tollhouse ready to bake cube cookies, and then just eat them. Ahhhh, soooo goood.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

All Decked Out

Oh man. Building a deck by one's self is a long, hard process.

Seriously, I've put so many hours into this deck, and all it looks like is open and airy framing. Tomorrow morning I start laying the actual cedar decking that goes on top of all the digging, leveling, measuring, cutting, hammering, and framing. I've done 80% of the work, but the last 20% is the part that makes the deck look like, well, a deck. Here's what I have so far...

And that is only the first half of the project! I have 500 sq feet down, 400 sq feet to go.

So, if anyone who lives in Portland wants to lend a couple hours of help in the next couple weeks (this means you--Brian, Andy, CD, Kool-Aid, Houston), my mom said she'd make some spaghetti or order a pizza. Beer could maybe be arranged with ample notification.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Four-Day Weekend Randomness

Wow. What a busy weekend. Went to Salem on Friday and went golfing. Went to Corvallis on Saturday to the OSU-PSU football game. Went up to Washington to go golfing on Sunday. And then stayed in town today and helped demolish my parents deck today. Anyway here are some random thoughts...

Two words I realize I say incorrectly, but do nothing to correct them:

TENNA SHOES-- Tennis shoes. I guess the "S" at the end of tennis gets lost in the mix? And I use this term for all athletic shoes. I don't think I own an actual pair of tennis shoes, but b-ball shoes, running shoes...

McMINIMUM'S-- McMenamin's. A local family chain of cool restaurants, movie theaters, and bars. We actually know the McMenamins, but I always say it wrong, and Houston has called me on in, multiple times.

So I went to QFC, a grocery store, around midnight and bought a) a 12-pack of Pop-tarts and b) a 20-oz Vanilla Coke, the Coke to drink now and the 'tarts for breakfast in the car early in the morning. The check out girl Jacqui, a blonde ditz, asks if I found everything okay, I say "yep, just the essentials." And then she scans the 'tarts and says in a loud, disgusted valley voice, "Ooo gross, Pop-Tarts are soooo disgusting." What? Since when are the grocery checkers told to give positive and negative feedback about customer purchases? It just ticked me off. I am thinking of saying something to the manager.

Lastly, OSU might not have a winning football program this year, but they finally have a real football stadium. And not one made of metal bleachers! Not saying I jumped ship, I'm a duck goddamnit. But Reser Stadium finally looks good. Luxury suites, two levels of seating, and the student section running the entire length of the field.

...okay and I know that unimployed people don't really have weekends, let alone three-day weekends, but this one felt like a four-day weekend.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Lightning Striking Again!

Did ya see it? Did ya? On ESPN2, "The Dos"? Did you see it? Cause I did. I saw hope. I saw the hope of a winning season. So you did see my boys, the Ducks, out there whooping some tail in Texas.

Did you see my boy, Martinez, and his golden foot? You know I've always been talking about how reliable he can be in the clutch, don't you? Well, did you see how his right shoe kept the Duckies in the game the first half? How he scored five field goals, tieing a school record? Heck, I think he hooked that one just so that he could share the record. That's how nice a kid my boy Marty is.

Did you see my boy, Stewert, straight outta middle school? The kid's so young he has to drive with a parent sitting shotgun. Yet he hoists up three linebackers up on his shoulders, carries them downfield, and turns a 5 yard push up the middle into a 33 yard strongman competition.

Did you see my boys, the receivers? My boy, D-Will, getting 130+ yards, but come on we all expected that. My boy, Colvin, stepping up as a sophmore. That's De La Salle High School for ya, they teach them boys how to play. (By the way, he's my boy also cause we both were born in Pittsburg, Cali. Pre-school in Oakland, represent, what.) And my boy, Dante, caught a TD. He stepped up from the backfield to a tight end in this new offense (really? okay, i guess everything is a little wierd with nine receivers lining up at once).

And I know you saw my boy, Clemens. Did you see his 348 passing yards? And his team leading 72 rushing yards? His two TD passes sans interceptions? Seriously, zero INT-s, none. Heck, he even let his little buddy Dixon do the QB dive from the 1-yard line for the touchdown. That's just how my boy, Kell, is--unselfish. The only thing he didn't do was receive a TD pass, and I could swear I saw Bellotti trying to put him in as a wideout while Dixon was snapping. But Kell, you know him, he said, "Put J-Kent in. Coach, let's get Lil' Ernie a pass."

I've always said that Clemens kid was something special. Last year, every time he threw an interception (10) or got sacked (40), I would reassure whoever I was with not to worry, this kid still has a good year in him. Have faith, cause this he has vision. He can run. He can throw. He can lead. I've been saying all along, he's the next Joey Heisman.

(btw, what ever happened to my boy, Jason Fifeman?)