Saturday, December 31, 2005

"You know what this is?...

It’s a celebration BITCHES!!!!”
(“Celebration” is a seasonal beer we all drank a lot of, plus it’s a Kayne lyric, and we all know how much I love Kanye. He’s my boy.)

Okay so, Pedro blogged about International Get Jolly Kicked Off His Flight Day, but I thought I’d put in my two cents and a few key memories. First of all, to explain, this was a reunion of sorts--five college friends who haven’t all seen each other in a year and a half. Well that’s only half-true. Some have seen others since graduation, but the gist of it is that we were all meeting up for a late lunch and tons of drinking--enough to try to get the airline to ban Nate from getting on his flight. And I should mention that this was on Tuesday Dec. 27th, starting at 2pm. I think it officially ended at midnight. But on a Tuesday, in the afternoon? Yep, that's just how we roll.

First of all here’s a picture of us all drinking at two in the afternoon.

From left to right:
Jeff aka Smitty aka Hakuna Matata.
Andy aka Holland aka A-Hole.
Matt aka M Grizzle aka Giraffe.
Nate aka Jollymon aka The Rancher.
Peter aka Pedro aka SanFran Sports Man.

Jeff Smith Shining Moment of the Night #1:
After a failed attempt to get our waiter’s attention, we decided to try to yell out his name. Not knowing his name, we all put in our guesses. I think Nate said his name would be Brian, I voted for Ken, but it was Jeff who correctly guessed Steve. His was so confident in his guess that he just yelled out “Hey Steve” and the waiter turned and gave us a surprising look, for his name WAS Steve. Bravo Jeff. (Steve in the orange shirt.)

Jeff Smith Shining Moment of the Night #2:
After hearing the Andy Holland “Tiff(any Amber) Theisen Story” Jeff decided why not try to look up her number by calling 411, or information, or whatever in Los Angeles. Andy had Miss Kelly Kapowski’s old cell number, but I guess she changed it recently (without calling Andy). Jeff could only get a listing for “S. Theisen,” decided that was close enough to T.A. Theisen, and left a message telling “Sarah” to tell “Tiff” to call Andy on his new Seattle cell phone number. Bravo, again, Jeff. Bravo.

Gotta love the random people you meet at a bar.
This is Frank aka Frank the Tank. A random old dude who hopped into a picture, chatted with us for an hour or two, played some competitive darts, and had a grand old time. Jolly gave him his business card from D.C. Frank and his wife are going to be visiting the nation's capital soon and might spend a night or two on Nate's couch. Or at least go out for a beer. Nate, let us know how that turns out.

Random people, part two.
This is Susan aka Suze. She is also a UO Alum, just like the five of us. She fancied Peter, although she thought he was a little young. Peter fancied her although he thought she was a little too much like his Aunt. Despite their differences, Peter got a hickey. (First Suze with Nate, then with Pedro.)

Later in the night, we ran into Kristin, a friend of Peter's, who was with a bachelorette party. Well of course we went with them when they left Kells to go to Ringlers. But I was unaware that Peter was holding a pint glass as we left. I’m not sure he remembered stealing it either; he was a little bit intoxicated. Long story short, I now own a Kell’s pint glass.

More pics of the night:

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Saturday Night Lame

So, Jolly posted a clip from SNL on his blog, and I was going to make a quick reply, but it got too long. So I am making in a blog post here.

Is anybody else a little disappointed with newer SNL cast members? I loved watching the show in recent years, but a couple things make me not that worried when I miss an episode.

I hate the guest hosts reading from the cue card. Especially the famous actors. You demand $10 million per film, but you can remember your lines for a four minute sketch?

The show gets less and less funny every year. The funny male cast members have left the show, and the male cast has always dominated the comedy of the show. Since Sandler, Spade, Ferrell, Fallon, Meadows, Morgan and Kattan have left, there isn't a strong cast to hold it up. Fred Armisen, Will Forte, Chris Parnell and Seth Myers are the main cast in my opinion, but none of them has that demanding feature about them. I think Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler are good, but not great. Horatio Sanz is lost without Jimmy Fallon (Gobi without Jarret). And if Darrell Hammond leaves, then they lose they're only veteran with real talent (record-setting 11 SNL seasons).

I feel that this Andy Samberg guy was brought in to be the next Sandler--being kookie, a little aloof, singing songs. Bill Hader is brought on to do impressions and be the next Fallon. Hader nailed an Al Pacino voice in an early episode this season, but looked nothing, NOTHING like him. (Speaking of Fallon, on his "Best of Fallon" SNL dvd, there is a 5 minute montage of his best impressions. Truly amazing how many voices/personalities he can do. Robin Williams, Chris Rock, Seinfeld, Sandler, Gilbert Gottfried, many others, not to mention singing like other people.)

I think they only keep around Finese Michell to do impressions of Denzel and Donovon McNabb. And only keep around Keenan Michell to do impressions of Donovon McNabb's Mom and Bill Cosby (wait, he can't do Cosby anymore since he did that Fat Albert movie). Ratchel Dratch just plain isn't funny.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Back with a Vengeance

Three topics for you today.

First is an advance warning on a cd that doesn’t come out until March. The rappers name is Rhymefest. He’s friends with Kanye. I downloaded his single off of iTunes called “Brand New.” Listen to it. It’s similar to Kanye’s style. Sampled, light (not aggressive rap), clever rhymes:

Now some women hit the mall and some shop at the thrift store
Some of 'em mix and match and make it look like they get more
Some of y'all know you wear a sixteen - squeezin' into a six
Damn - what you make them jeans rip for?

He actually wrote part (most?) of Kanye’s “Jesus Walks,” which was arguably the hit off the first cd that sent ‘Ye into every white boy and girl’s mp3 collection. (Yes there were a few white boys like me who had him back in 2003. Jolly, too.) But I just find it odd for a rapper to have a ghostwriter. I mean, I know that Whitney, Mariah, Britney, heck even The Spice Girls didn’t write all they’re lyrics (Ashlee Simpson does, which is why her lyrics are trite, but that’s another blog). But most rappers have the whole “feat. Jay-Z” thing where they let the other guy have a verse on the song. But Rhymefest hid in the shadow on a huge song and let Kanye sing and take credit for the rhymes. I mean Ryhme got a Grammy and didn’t sing or even have a recording contract! Ah well, now Kanye’s hooking him up. S’all good as long as everyone gets paid.

Hey guys I don’t mean to brag, but I’m the 64th best blog in Portland. Or maybe I do mean to brag. Ha, anyways, I have no idea what this site really is, but JJ found it searching for me on google. Maybe a better question is why my roommate is internet-stalking me…

Drink it Down
Okay so I have a business proposition. Although I have no market knowledge, no funding, and no bottling/distribution/promotion connections, I want to create, bottle, and sell a new specialty liquor. I’m thinking a very high end, smooth whiskey. What’s the name of my whiskey you ask?… Confidence. Confidence in a bottle.

So next time you’re at a bar, and you’re eyeing an attractive lady but you're a little too timid, walk up to the bartender and say, “I’ll have a shot of Confidence!” Pour it. Pound it. And go talk to her, Andy.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What's new pussy cat?

Woah woah woah woooahhhooooahh.

I'm still alive. I've just been busy/lazy/haven't found something to blog about.

Soon. Soon.