Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Crystal Ball

I don't know if anyone else is interested in futures bets, but the Oregon Ducks are blowing up at 80-1 odds to win the 2007 BCS Championship. That means that my $6 online sportsbook bet could net me a cool $480 come January.

I also have 15-1 odds on Elliott Yamin to win American Idol, although I hedged it with a 5-2 bet on Katharine McPhee.

Just FYI.


AH said...

A whole $6? You're a high roller.

Giraffe said...

Let's see you lay down some cash on Ducks football. To be the best. In all of college football. Then you can talk.

And it's not about $6, because you know how I roll. It's more about the end product--$480.

AH said...

I know. I don't bet on college football after my office bowl pool last year.

Duck Fan said...

Go Ducks!