Monday, October 29, 2007

I Went AMERICA All Over Las Vegas's Ass

I just got back from a weekend trip to Vegas with Joel, Joe, and Drew. Woo hoo! Our main reason for going was an outdoor concert festival called Vegoose. The headliner on Saturday night was Daft Punk, and they rocked. The cool thing about this concert festival is that almost half of the people go to it dressed in their Halloween costumes. We were no exception.

Here is Drew (fighter pilot), Joe (sailor), Joel (Captain Morgan), and Giraffe (Charlie from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia):

Here we are before the concert:

Another picture from the concert: Notice my jean jacket, american flag bandanna, and Farm Aid tshirt. I'm gunna rise up, kick some ass, drive a big truck, sew a flag, and go America all over your ass:

Joe, Joel, Giraffe, and Drew, the next day, after the concert:


Mike said...

i miss blog

Joel Rosinbum said...

Update your blog!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

youre an oxygen thief matt