Thursday, May 19, 2005

May The Force Be With...a whole bunch of nerds

So I just got back from Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. Midnight showing opening night. Drew, Mare, and I were in the huge theater with 500 nerds. Mike and Ian were in the next screen over. Costume contests, light-up light-saber spoons, and $4 bottled water. Cheering at intro music, wookie groans, and jedi jokes. Ah what an evening.

All in all, the movie was pretty awesome. Good fights, a little bit better action, no Jar Jar. Definitely see it. Maybe twice. Okay, off to get five hours of sleep.

Oh also, I just bought Mitch's (RIP) first CD "Strategic Grill Locations" from 2002. He tells the ant joke "I got an ant farm, but those guys don't farm shit." But he hasn't invented the "plus if I rip off your leg you'll look like snowmen" part yet, which he says is the part he added on "Mitch All Together."


Anonymous said...

Is the Mitch album that good? Can I borrow it and put it on the pod?

Glad you enjoyed the movie. I'll wait for the dvd. Nerd.

Anonymous said...

news flash!!!

Giraffe you were one of the nerds in the theater.

Is the mitch cd good? is it worth investing in... or by investing I mean you putting all the mp3 tracks in my gmail inbox??????

there are six ducks outside... and they all want sun chips

The club is formed


Anonymous said...

I remember when we saw the second Matrix on opening night in Eugene (I believe it was with the J-Mon?) and everybody was dressed in black. Then there was this little cluster of dudes huddled around the one girl in the place. They were all clearly trying to impress the one chick who was "cool" enough to come see the Matrix. Interesting studies in sociology, these nerdy movies are.

Anonymous said...

That was the Phantom SFSM.

Anonymous said...

the publidc demands more GiRAFFe, What?

J-mon, yeeeeah!