Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Rid's Kids

So lately I've been taking impromptu nighttime naps. I'm not planning these naps. They just happen and it's messing up my sleep schedule. And they're not the most comfortable naps either--they're kind where you wake up draped awkwardly on the couch and your neck has a hangover.

Now these have been happening mostly during the 6:00pm or 7:30pm NBA playoff games. And three times in the past week I've drifted off with my team ahead by double digits, only to wake up in the last minute or two of the game with my team barely holding a lead. Like the Mavs in Game 5. All of a sudden I wake up, have no clue what's going on, but T-Mac is shooting a freethrow, down 3 points, with 7 seconds to go. Tonight, I wake up with 45 seconds left to see Seattle win by 4. Somehow, my internal clock must be able to judge potential game-winning Sportscenter top plays and wake me up to watch them.

Also, let's give it up for my boy Rid today. Nice 18-foot jump shots off the dribble, nice assists, and what about the harlem globetrotters steal behind the back no look pass. That's my boy, Rid! And yes, "my boy", and not just because he was a duck too. I saw him at a party once, AND I talked to him once in a Business minor class. He missed the first day of class, and sat next to me on the second day in the back corner. The material sounded harder than it was (especially if you missed the first class) and at the 10 minute class break, Rid said to me "F*** this" and left. He never came back to class. He just walked out. We could have been friends. Could have been study buddies.

After we became best friends, he would have asked me if I thought he should leave college a year early for the draft. I would have supported his decision. And although I would stay my last year to get my degree, I would have moved in with him in Seattle after I graduated. I would have been the white guy in the third row at Key Arena wearing the baby blue Fubu track suit, not paying attention to half the game because I'm two-waying Sir Mix a Lot and Chopper from DaBand on my Tmobile Sidekick. Oh what? Hell yeah, we know Chopper. And we know Dylan too, but he's got a 'tude. That kid is just trouble, man.

I could have been a part of someone's Posse. Rid's posse-- Rid's Kids (that's what we would have called ourselves). Me, Nate Jolly, and Ben Lindquist--Rid's Kids.


Anonymous said...

I think Rid's finally starting to get some credit this season for what he does for that team. Wheras at UO he was a passer AND a scorer, now he's just the ultimate set-up man and occasional scorer. But the Sonics have scorers, so they don't need Rid's points. It's actually fun to watch the Sonics. It's basketball like it should be played, somewhere between the run-and-gun wildness of the Rid-Freddie-LJ Ducks teams and setting up the offense. I love watching them play. I wouldn't be surprised if they make the Finals. With the Giraffe sitting courtside, of course.


Anonymous said...

It's on. Who will win? Only time will tell. But in the spirit of VH1's Celebrity Showdown:

Tony: Eva Longoria.
Rid: Too religious.
Edge: Tony.

Tony: French.
Rid: Northern Washington.
Edge: Tony.

Tony: No clue.
Rid: YES.
Edge: Rid.

Tony: "The teardrop."
Rid: "The coast-to-coast layup" to beat SC and advance to the Pac-10 Finals.
Edge: Rid.

Tony: Some French school where "Crushing Ass 101" was second period.
Rid: University of Oregon.
Edge: Rid.

FINAL EDGE: Rid. Sonics win in 6 games. So says the San Fran Sports Man.