Saturday, June 11, 2005

I'm on holiday

Going for a week with The Fam to Eagle Crest, a SunRiver-ish / Black Butte-ish resort out near Redmond, Oregon. I hope to get a lot of reading and writing and running and golfing done while I'm there. My dad and sister are bringing their laptops, so hopefully I can get a few posts in. Hope there is a ethernet hookup somewhere there. Maybe one about my one year anniversary since graduating--a year in review as a real adult.

Happy graduation Andy. Sorry I couldn't come down.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Matt.
Mesa was down.

Last night was, well, wow.


messa said...

giraffe, i'm thinking about doing the RHW. can i stay with you if i do? what about the booba? we should talk him into it. PS - i am SOOOOOO out of shape.


Anonymous said...

RHW for me too. Let me know.

Giraffe said...

RHW--Stay with me? Fo sho. My roommate has the world's most comfortable couches. No doubt. It's on.

messa said...

it's official: just signed up for RHW!!

Giraffe, I don't have your #...GIVE IT TO ME!!!!

MeSSa. What.

Giraffe said...

Cell: 971.246.1161
Home: 503.523.1533

Anonymous said...

I'm doing the 5k.

I'm too lazy for the 10.