Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sleeping in and then playing some X-Box

So, guess what?

I ain't got no job. As of Monday, I was "let go" from the ad agency I was working for. Financially, it sucks because I need to pay bills. Job-hunting-wise, it sucks because the market is hard to get into.

But I'm keeping a positive outlook for now. I wasn't doing exactly what I want to be doing in my career. I was doing more execution and production work and not the more creative and problem solving part of the process. But I was learning. This was one of the reasons my boss decided to let me go. He didn't want me getting stuck and trapped doing the production role.

We'll see what happens. Right now I'm evaluating what I want to do. I'm going to talk with all my contacts at different agencies and then take it from there.

Also, I'm running a lot lately. I need to train for the Run Hit Wonder. Already lost seven pounds. Boo yah!

More to come about the job later....


Anonymous said...

Sucks about the job. Sorry to hear that.

But hey, now you can be like me and do something you absolutely don't want to for free at a PR agency.


Miss Marla said...

Sorry about the job, Matt-a-licious : (

messa said...

"Matt-a-licious?"....What about Giraffe-tastic?!?!

MeSSa. What.

Anonymous said...


That sucks bro. You need to start a "Giraffe Fund" and people can donate to your cause. Also, now that your work has let you go and they can't fire you again, you need to go off about it on your blog. It's almost mandatory. Did you see it coming? Was there any forewarning? Was it downsizing? Whatever happens, you need to revive the old resume site, because that kicked ass. Or become a professional poker player. Sorry again, dude, and you know there's always a couch waiting for you in Wyoming.


War said...

Sorry to hear about that dude. Too bad Halo 3 isn't coming out anytime soon or at least you could have made productive use of the down-time.

Of course, a number of the people I'm currently playing poker against in NYC don't do anything but play poker for a living. On-line poker is apparently pretty lucrative. Like $300,000 in 9 months lucrative. Yikes.