Monday, November 14, 2005


I have been getting my hair cut at Supercuts for more than a decade, and I am almost always satisfied with their service. I have liked them for numerous reasons, some being:

1. They have lots of locations.
2. I can call in advance so that I don’t have to wait in line.
3. All of their employees know the same lingo and jargon (ie a #2 clippers is 2/8ths of an inch, #3 is 3/8ths, “scrounded in the back” is a mix of a square and rounded neckline trim). You might know what I’m talking about. You might not. All that matters is that the person cutting my hair does.
4. Lastly, all their employees are trained the same way at a Supercuts University (or something). They all have little degrees with their names posted next to the mirror in front of you while you sit.

For these reasons, I have been happy with my haircuts and with Supercuts in general.

That being said, I had the scariest haircut of my life on Friday. No joke. The end result was a normal haircut, but the means to the end were horrific. My blood pressure was the highest its ever been. I actually ran out of adrenaline. She seemed normal enough at first. The only employee working in an empty Supercuts on a Friday at 7pm.

She was polite enough, but I should have seen the little clues. Forgetting to put an apron on me before she almost started buzzing my hair. Losing the scissors twice. Asking me questions, only so she could jump in and tell me her answer. Apologizing for missing some spots and saying she’ll go back over them a second time. Flipping out/spaz-answering the phone when a customer was calling. Attacking my hair with her scissors, using what I have named the “swoop and clip full-arm cut” instead of a gentle squeeze, as the scissor manufacturers intended. Turning the chair so I was not facing the mirror. I COULD NOT SEE WHAT WAS HAPPENING!

Near the end of the cut, after several panic attacks and a mild heart attack, I saw her Supercuts Diploma. First, let me say that I saw it because the chair wasn’t pointed at the mirror, but at a ninety-degree angle. Second, and most importantly, the date on the diploma was October 21, 2005. Yep that’s right. I got a rookie, two weeks out of school. Maybe that’s why she was working the crappy Friday night shift. I should have put all the pieces together quicker.

You know how in movies they say “the names have been changed to protect the innocent?” Well, I’m not changing her name. I want to help protect the innocent. Her name is Karolyn Jones. She cuts in the back left corner of the Beaverton Town Center Supercuts. She has squiggly brown hair. Beware.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had a sketchy cut at this specific Supercuts. I’ve only complained about this location. The other location in the area (185th and Walker) is excellent. Never made a complaint. Maybe they recruit the good hairdressers to the 185th store? I don’t know. Another weird coincidence is that the Burgerville one hundred yards from the bad Supercuts also has a bad track record. They are a Burgerville that trains new employees for the Portland area, and consistently takes forever and messes up orders. Long story short, stay away from Beaverton Town Center for all food/shopping/service needs.


holland said...

Supercuts have been iffy for me. I did like the one on Willamette in Eugene, but the Sherwood SC was waay hit or miss. I started going to Great Clips, namely because they'd send me $7 coupons in the mail, and #2, they were really good and quick, not to mention their selection of magazines is out of this world.

At SC, you'd be lucky to have a 3 month old Sports Illustrated sitting in front of you, and more than likely, you'd be forced to read crap like Popular Mechanics or People. Now at Great Clips, not only do they have ESPN the Mag, but also Esquire and Spin. It got to the point, back when I didn't have anything to do, where I didn't even call so I could get in in time to read a Chuck Klossterman piece while waiting to get the hair cut.

Perhaps I will hit the neighborhood Great Clips when I'm back in the next couple of weeks.

J-Mon said...

I will add that moving to al ot of new places the last couple of years has really been devasting for me and my haircut. For 5 years on campus I went to the same place everytime and had one of 3 people who I got to know very well cut my hair, so well that I didnt have to say anything when I got in there... they knew how I like to have my hair cut... I'd just say "the same thing that I got going now....but shorter" And it got the job done. This was at the Kampus Barber on well, campus. IT was the barber shop on 13th on the side of the bookstore. And you want to talk about magazines, I always had a new rolling stone, SI, ESPN or playboy waiting for me during my wait.

Now after moving I had to break down and find a new place to go. My first stint in DC I had to go twice and both times were fairly unsuccessful, probably my fault because I never had to learn the jargon. So I moved to the mighty MO and I had to find a place to go... i was desperate and I went to great clips (i didnt even know what it was at the time, i just knew they cut hair) and my magazine experience is not as good as hollands there, I d like that they tracked my haircuts, meaning that they would store in the computer, how i liked to have my hair cut so I wouldnt have to remember... it was brilliant. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before????

So I moved again, and now I cant find a great clips near me that I can go to with my stored info so I was forced to go to the supercuts... realtively good experience but I hate that awkward asking me what I want to do today with my hair... "bitch I want the same haircut... just shorter... don't make me have to explain it to you. It's your job to know how to cut my hair and my job to get it cut and pay you. deal???"

So, I think I may be a supercuts boy now. At least until I can find a good local and cheap haircut place.


Roo said...

I dont think anything can touch the sketchyness of the St. Johns SuperCuts -- I went there once, and I vowed to never go back.

War said...

I switched to Supercuts a few years ago precisely because of the standardizations you mentioned.

That being said, my last haircut with them was a nightmare because I didn't quite communicate to the barber that her "all-around" was not my definition of "all-around" and ended up with a nearly shaved head. Sigh.

Chus said...

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