Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Saturday Night Lame

So, Jolly posted a clip from SNL on his blog, and I was going to make a quick reply, but it got too long. So I am making in a blog post here.

Is anybody else a little disappointed with newer SNL cast members? I loved watching the show in recent years, but a couple things make me not that worried when I miss an episode.

I hate the guest hosts reading from the cue card. Especially the famous actors. You demand $10 million per film, but you can remember your lines for a four minute sketch?

The show gets less and less funny every year. The funny male cast members have left the show, and the male cast has always dominated the comedy of the show. Since Sandler, Spade, Ferrell, Fallon, Meadows, Morgan and Kattan have left, there isn't a strong cast to hold it up. Fred Armisen, Will Forte, Chris Parnell and Seth Myers are the main cast in my opinion, but none of them has that demanding feature about them. I think Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler are good, but not great. Horatio Sanz is lost without Jimmy Fallon (Gobi without Jarret). And if Darrell Hammond leaves, then they lose they're only veteran with real talent (record-setting 11 SNL seasons).

I feel that this Andy Samberg guy was brought in to be the next Sandler--being kookie, a little aloof, singing songs. Bill Hader is brought on to do impressions and be the next Fallon. Hader nailed an Al Pacino voice in an early episode this season, but looked nothing, NOTHING like him. (Speaking of Fallon, on his "Best of Fallon" SNL dvd, there is a 5 minute montage of his best impressions. Truly amazing how many voices/personalities he can do. Robin Williams, Chris Rock, Seinfeld, Sandler, Gilbert Gottfried, many others, not to mention singing like other people.)

I think they only keep around Finese Michell to do impressions of Denzel and Donovon McNabb. And only keep around Keenan Michell to do impressions of Donovon McNabb's Mom and Bill Cosby (wait, he can't do Cosby anymore since he did that Fat Albert movie). Ratchel Dratch just plain isn't funny.


holland said...

I can honestly say I haven't watched SNL in a couple years (?!) I used to love the show, but it really has become unfunny.

That's all. I have absolutely nothing constructive to add to this comment.

Giraffe said...

So it looks like you're seconding the fact that Rachel Dratch is not funny. Awesome.

holland said...

Rachel Dratch is not only not funny, she is annoying. Even more so than a combination of Cheri Oterri and Molly Shannon.

The CD said...

You know, back in my day we'd gather 'round the TV with milk n' cookies and enjoy SNL. Movies were a quarter and you could get a candy bar for a nickel. A nickel I tell ya! Yeah, those were the days.

What, are you 65 now? You sound like all the crabby crabs who complained about SNL sucking after Murray, Chase, and Belushi left. Dana Carvery could never be as funny they'd say. Then Sandler was new and he sucked, too. And Will Ferrell, after that. Do you know how many people hated Chris Kattan at first?

Does every young generation come to maturity by suddenly disliking the "new" cast of SNL? Sad to say but at 25 years of age pop culture no longer belongs to you.

Damn kids and their rip-rap music. Can't understand a damn word...

holland said...

I was going to post my usual "SNL goes in a 4 season cycle" response, but than I realized, it's beyond 4 sesons, I think. What happend? Did Lauren Michaels soften? Is Jean Doumanian back running the show?

CD, the cast after the original Not Ready for Primetime Players did suck. As did the writing and overall direction of the show.