Monday, March 06, 2006

Just after Joey and a little bit before Kellen

He lives. And he plays. And he starts. Check out NBC and OLN this Spring to see the quarterback for the AFL's Las Vegas Gladiators.



messa said...

Bet you didn't know this about ole Fifey:

"Was a childhood actor, appearing in Addams Family Values and several television commercials."

Or maybe you did. But I didn't.

AH said...

You didn't? Didn't you ever watch the Ducks on TV?

Nick said...

Okay, since we're passing fame around this month (Nate's reviewing comics, Peter's getting his worked linked up, Andy is or is not doing something...), I thought I'd let you know you've made it into this issue of the "Oregon Quarterly."

From an article about the Pit Crew, and I quote:

"The winnner - whose sign said, 'Bibby, will you marry me?' and showed a bride with Bibby's face superimposed on it - wore a suit, carried a box of chocolates and waved a bouquet."

Alas, your name is withheld.

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