Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Shots and Tots

Last weekend was Drew’s birthday. Zorgo turned 24! So us guys met up at The Blue Moon, a McMenamin’s establishment on NW 21st to celebrate. The night consisted of our standard joking, BSing, trying to get ladies phone numbers, and eating some fabulous food.

I got there a little late, so while I was eating my food, Lighthouse was ordering some drinks for he and Drew. I had my “usual” at McMenamin’s— cheeseburger with a side of tator tots. As I was eating my “tots,” John ordered some “shots.” And my mind went to work: "Hey, these words rhyme. Both are being consumed here at this table. Maybe these two items should be introduced to each other." And that is how I invented the newest and coolest bar drink:


Left hand: Shot of your favorite liquor.
Right hand: Shot glass with a single tator tot, dipped in a small amount of a condiment.

Step One: Pound the shot.
Step Two: Pound the tot.
(Step Three: Chew. Do not attempt to swallow the tot whole.)

1. The tot makes an awesome chaser. It’s a potato, a starch, which absorbs the bad taste.
2. It a fun group event at the bar.
3. It fun to order. Try explaining it to the waiter.
4. It attracts attention. You can talk to all the people at the tables around you about this awesome drink that your friend, Giraffe, invented.

The combinations are endless. We started with a Nate Jolly Special: Jagermeister and a tot in ketchup. Then we moved to a Tim Messa Surprise: Whiskey and a tot in ranch. Y’all need to try this at your local pub and start naming some new combinations.

This is gonna be big.


Anonymous said...

ingenius sir. i'll spread it right away, like we tried to do with crescent fresh.

AH said...

wwhat about the holland special: scotch and totch?

messa said...

WOW. How did I get so lucky as to have a Shot & Tot named after me. This is surely the pinnacle of my existance. My life's all down hill from here. Thank you Giraffe.


Pedro said...

I want mine to be a shot of gin and a tot dipped in horseradish.

J-Mon said...

Can I change the nate jolly??? I love that I have been chosen. But I would prefer to dip in BBQ sauce. That is my only request and BTW ... BRILLIANT!!!

this is going to catch on I can feel it.

Just like the popularity of tots did after the napD craze!!

AH said...


just to let you know, I was ordering tots at McMinns long before NappyD

Giraffe said...

Jolly's is changed to BBQ. Andy, what's yours?

AH said...

honey mustard and crown royal

Marla said...

Ooh, ooh...can I have Alize and maple syrup?? : )

J-Mon said...

I mentioned this to some friends last night and I have a new one it's the Yen-ae:

Tequilla shot - tot dipped in lime and salt.

BTW - this is going to be HUUUUUUUUUgE

"I Want to Kick Your Puppy"

Roo said...

If you go to Blue Moon (my personal favorite) make sure you ask for the waitress Jo, she'll know exactly what you mean when you mention the Shot and Tot or a Sweet V