Monday, May 15, 2006

Dust in the Wind

I have a serious announcement to make. Um, I don’t know how to put this, so I’m just going to say it.

I sold Blue. You know, the giant 60” Mitsubishi tv I bought from Nate and Peter. I have no clue how old it was. Ten years maybe? I think I might have been the fifth owner. All I know is that he was named after the old guy in Old School. “You’re my boy, Blue!”

I know, I know. How could I have sold a family member? I mean, it even had a name. Let me explain myself. I felt I needed to play moneyball. You know, sell while the stock is still good, and then rebuild with new players.

I felt that Blue was going to die in the next year. There were signs. Little signs. Little tint quirks every now and then between reddish and blueish. Yellow banding on the right side of the screen on the s-video input. It was small, but I could see it. The remote that requires tape to hold the batteries in.

And not to mention how huge it was! I moved it from Eugene to Beaverton to North Portland to Northwest Portland to the NW Hills in Portland. That’s four moves in two years. I was not moving it again. It took four guys, and stairs were a bitch.

(( Oh, also I’m moving back to NW Portland this weekend. That’s the reason I decided to sell Blue. I’m moving into a one bedroom near NW 23rd. I will be able to walk or ride a bike to work. Cut down on the commute. Save some gas. I'm excited! ))

Back to the story. So two years ago, I bought Blue from Nate and Peter for $500, and this week, I sold it on craigslist for $400. Within an hour. And by noon, I had 13 offers of varying degrees (anywhere from $400 cash that night to $350 but I had to deliver it to $200 and a used blue ipod mini). I think I could have sold it for $500 if I had reposted it, but I was fine with $400. That means I payed $100 to use it for two years. And the guy who picked it up had a pickup truck and was like an NFL linebacker, which made it easier when carrying it up the stairs.

Now here’s the shocking news. I already bought a new tv. Yeah, I know it was soon, but this particular tv and I had a connection. And it was on sale. Don’t judge me. And, oh yes, it’s hi-def. (I feel like I broke up with a long-term relationship and eloped with a stripper.) Well just in case you were wondering, it’s name is Sammy, the 46” Samsung DLP widescreen tv. And we’re happy together.


AH said...


War said...

If "Blue" dies within a year, will that NFL linebacker-guy come and kill you next?

Sweet upgrade though. I need to get me an HD-TV myself

Pedro said...

You are a filthy whore and a cheater. Sure, Sammy might be younger and hotter. But you married Blue, and that means "'Til death or a move to Wyoming do you part." What about the ridges? What about the giant speakers on the bottom? What about the huge amount of shelf space on top of Blue? You've given all of those things up, for what? A pair of nice titties? Filthy. Filthy filthy filthy.

I will never forgive you.

Pedro said...

Also, weren't you unemployed? How can you afford a 46-inch hi-def plasma AND an XBox 360?

I'm jealous.

Giraffe said...

Oh man. Remember the Picture On Picture feature Blue had? I do. Not picture IN picture. Picture ON picture. Blue had plenty of room AND strength to support a 21" TV on the top. Those were the days.

I was unimployed. Now I've been freelancing fulltime for about 6 months. XBox360 is my soon-to-be old roommate JJ's. We both camped in line for a full day at Fred Meyer's. He kept his. I sold mine the next day for $600 profit.

J-Mon said...

So sad. Come bakc blue!!! We need you!

Nick said...

Is that picture a product of Photoshop? If not, I'm just impressed you have a picture of Joseph "Blue" Pilasky on the TV because it looks like it was taken in Nate and Peter's apartment which means that it's not staged. Impressive.

Giraffe said...

Although I use photoshop daily as my job as a designer, this is no trick, err... illusion, as GOB would say.

I found a pic of Blue on the "net" and made it "fullscreen." Then I "plugged" my "laptop" into Blue (notice the cords on the front).

And this picure was taken a week ago, when Blue was sold. I would like to comment that I continued the tradition of placing Blue in the corner at an angle and having the couches at right angles. My current layout is almost exactly the same way as Nate and Peter's was.