Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ninja News

First, let me state that I have been hot on ninjas for a long time now. Years even. Like middle school when my friend Michael Yasumoto brought me back a throwing star from Japan. Yeah Japan! Can't get much more authentic with a last name than Yasumoto. And he even owned authentic swords, granted they weren't Hatori Hanso swords, but still. And I can sing you the Sifl and Olly "Ninja of the Night" song from 1998. That stated, I'm not following the "Ninja Trend" which is booming since the recent decline of the "Pirate Trend." Remember 2007--MotorTricycles! They're going to hit on the radar right as "Ninja Trend" falls.

Anyways, that stated, I want to share these funny videos. I feel like Nate Jolly posting these YouTube links. I'll post in order, but they get progressively funnier. Enjoy:

Ask A Ninja

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