Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Fishbowl of Righteousness

Okay, so I'm not sure if righteousness is the correct word. Actually, I don't think righteousness is anywhere close to the word I'm searching for, but The Fishbowl of Righteousness just sounds so cool.

Okay, so here's what's up. I got this vase that kind of looks like a fishbowl. It's clear, spherelike, and hollow. That's pretty much the requirements for describing a fishbowl. But it's not a fishbowl, it's a vase! But it's one of those vases that you aren't supposed to put flowers in. Instead, they're always being displayed filled with things like potpourri, dried leaves, or colored rocks with sticks coming out the opening.

I think that's bullshit. And I'm taking interior decorating into my own hands. I'm bringing it back to "realness." No dried leaves. No potpourri. Just bottle caps.

That's right. Bottlecaps, what. Beer bottle caps! Let the collection begin! It might take a few years, it might take the help of friends, it might take a bunch of houseparties, but I vow that the The Fishbowl of Righteousness will overflow with beer bottlecaps.

1. Only beer bottlecaps.
2. Only beer bottlecaps consumed in my house or apartment.
3. Upon entry into the fishbowl, the beer drinker must declare the words "The Fishbowl of Righteousness!"
4. A party will be held to celebrate the overflowednessousity of the fishbowl. The title of this party shall be known as "The Celebration of the Overflowednessousity of The Fishbowl of Righteousness." That sounds a little long; it's just a working title for now.

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Nick said...

I would like to contribute to the Fishbowl of Righteousness. Can I mail a personal contribution? Are the rules bendable to this extent?