Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Wow, it’s been a while. I appologize. I’ve been so busy with work and sleeping that I haven’t found time to write. But I'm back with a January update. So, let’s do six quick hits, then I’m out. You ready?

1. Homeless guys and urban raccoons. These are the things in my neighborhood that scare me at night. Let’s just say I’ve recently had small run-ins with both of these things after midnight on the way from my car to my apartment. I am not injured, but I am a little traumatized.

2. I’m sick of all the sniffling and sneezing at work. It always happens every winter. And all of the people saying “bless you” every five minutes is even worse. I have officially renounced blessing people. No more blessings from me, especially in a public setting. If you and I are alone, I might let a “bless you” slip accidentally, but I’m really trying to quit.

3. I am really excited about 2007. Not because there’s anything special happening this year. Just that I like the way I write my sevens. I totally have a kick-ass seven in my handwriting arsenal. You know the kind, right? The seven with the horizontal line through it. Kind of like a seven with arms. It might be my favorite numeral. Either seven or five.

4. Has anyone even seen a glass break while clinking during a “cheers.” I think that it would be cool to see. Would it be because the person aggressively clinks too hard? Or maybe because of a weak or cracked glass? And are there negative effects? Like dealing with shards of glass all over the table, possibly in people’s food. And what do you do about the karma? Breaking a glass during a cheers or a toast seems like bad luck to me. (These are things I think about…)

5. I think I want to invent a stroller with a gun rack attached to it. Not that I’m in to hunting or that I have any children. But I totally see the potential market for this product. I can easily imagine the type of mother who A) wants to accompany her husband on hunting trips and B) doesn’t want to pay for a babysitter. (Again, things that I think about…)

6. It snowed today here in Portland. Boo-yeah. About f-ing time. But I still had to walk to work. Dang.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking that Holland might have taken over the blog for a while.

holland said...

blogging is so the start of 2006.