Thursday, January 18, 2007

Relax. You're at Great Clips.

I just watched a commercial for the haircutting place, Great Clips. And it scared me. Not in a “scared for my life” kind of way, but in a “oh shit, they are going to screw up my hair” kind of way. I truly believe that if I go to Great Clips, I would leave with a worse haircut than when I entered. I would bet money that the people in the Great Clips commercial don’t get their hair cut there.

It’s no secret that I get my hair cut at SuperCuts. I’ve been going for years. Yes, it’s a low-budget chain, but they have some positive qualities. First, they are all educated at a SuperCuts school. So, their terminology is universal (like “a number two on the sides, blended, finger tight…”). Second, I can call ahead and not wait in a line. And third, I don’t like to put my name in the hat and get a random cutter. I try to request someone who I like and trust. Right now it’s Megan, aka “Snips,” at the Hollywood SuperCuts in NE Portland.

But I’ve always been hesitant of Great Clips and Precision Cuts. I had one bad experience at Great Clips (just bad in general, not worth mentioning). And my old roommate, Drew, had a bad one at Precision Cuts. His story goes something like the lady was mean, gave him lip, and half-asses his hair. But then when he went to pay, and she saw some twenties in his money clip, she started chatting it up like they were old friends. Nice, way to work for that tip.

I guess the reason I write this post is that these chains market themselves as shitty places. I’ve never seen a commercial or print ad talking about quality or service. It’s always about low prices and half-off coupons. And I guess that’s not wrong. It’s what they are, cheap national haircut chains. But that still doesn’t make me feel good or confident in going to their stores. I feel skeptical and unsure. A haircut is a service that I buy that directly affects my appearance and self-confidence for the next month. If it wasn’t for Megan aka “Snips” or the good SuperCutters in my past (January and Rick, what what), SuperCuts would not get my business.

And does anyone else find it funny that the shittiest, most low-budget national haircut chains have such lofty names, which do nothing to describe their product or service. Super Cuts. Great Clips. Precision Cuts. No offence, but super, great, and precise are probably not the adjectives that come to my mind. It’s more like, cheap, convenient, and adequate.

Lastly, I’m glad that Great Clips understand the hesitancy and nervousness I would experience while getting my hair cut at their stores. Because their tag line for their commercial promoting their $6.99 special is “Relax. You’re at Great Clips.” That’s the equivalent of “What’d you expect? Alberson’s soda.” And “Hope you’re not allergic to dog. Taco Bell.” Seriously, relax, take a deep breath, and we’ll try to not mess up your head. And if we do, you can’t blame us, because it cost you less than seven bucks. Great Clips.


holland said...

I go to Great Clips here in Seattle and my personal stylist, Joanie, does a great job. I never have to wait either, as I usually get preferential treatment. Plus, as we've previously discussed, the magazine selection at the Great Clips I go to is far superior to Supercuts.

I suppose, to each his own.

celine said...

Thats an interesting way to view a commercial! I am a Great Clips manager in Las Vegas. I have been with the company for eighteen years. It is true that there are great hairstylist and bad ones. And they exist in every salon in every city! Sorry you had a bad experience in yours! And HEY!! take it easy! No need to be so harsh!! Have a GREAT day!!

Anonymous said...

I have been in a Great Clips commercial and the hair is cut by actual Great Clips stylist. Most of the actors are Great Clips employees or family members and have their hair done on set. So, Relax, we were at Great Clips.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I was just browsing the net for some things related to my job at great clips and I came upon your blog about our corporation. At first i was very angry and upset, at you, because i truly think you passed judgement on a corporation before you ever set foot in our door. You and i both know in any business there are good and bad experiences, good and bad people working,at Walmart,at Cracker Barrel, at the Doctors offices, at gas stations,anywhere that you go. I am only one person, only one lone crusader for our Great Clips salon here in Nicholasville,KY, but i do feel compelled to tell you no coupon, no commercial, no bad day that i have would deter me from using the 17 years of experience that i have to give you the greatest haircut i could possibly deliver to any customer that sits in my chair. I have worked in all kinds of salons, and other jobs where bad service can happen anywhere you go. I want to apologize for any misconceptions that you have about our company and tell you that our stylists are well educated with training also. in cutting, in excellence,in customer service,in product knowledge,in management, in marketing, etc. Realize that most of these girls are young mothers, housewives and ladies who are supporting their lives and their children, we are all trying to make a buck. I would hope that you might consider to take this horrible ad off and come to our/a great clips. Sit in a chair and talk with your styist and evaluate, not if she accepts coupons but her years of experience and her sincerity to her profession. You should do that at any salon. Im not against any chain, even supercuts. I have for years been against any stylist who would treat you like a coupon carrying number and just cut your hair with no thought process about your lifestyle or the emotional effect a haircut can and will have on each individual.
I do Relax at our Great Clips in the Orchard in Nicholasville KY because I have recently been promoted through the ranks of stylist, to asst. manager, and now manager and i guarantee i handpick each and every stylist according to experience and personality. Customer Excellence is our focus. Not timed cuts, not coupons, but bringing you back through our door each time and trusting all my girls who work there.
Giraffe, i am sorry that you feel this way, but my Salon has all the great things you say that your Supercuts has, except the cute nicknames. We dont choose to hide behind those. We are Tina, Gloria, Linda,Jenny, Jessicca,and Heather and all are superior hairdressers to any i have known. Come see us. Call us, 1-859-887-1055. Call me.
Ill even throw in a free haircut for you. I bet that we change your mind.
Have a blessed Day
Tina Marie Malacina
Orchard Great Clips in Nicholasville KY
Owner:Mike Dixon

Danielle said...

I can confirm that they don't do all of the hair in their commercials. One of my clients was just in one and they did not touch her hair. The cut was the one I had done on her and I wouldn't be caught dead working at Great Clips. Though I hear they can work wonders if you know what number guard you want your hair shaved to.

Anonymous said...

I hate to break it to you, Matt Giraffe, but according to the photo on your web page, your haircut isn't that spectacular. It's certainly nothing to get excited about, so I wouldn't be so quick to judge others.

I agree that there are times one might experience a bad haircut; hey, I have been there, but those are few and far between. If you go in with a positive attitude and communicate with your stylist and not act like you know it all, perhaps that would help make the experience more delightful and the outcome more favorable. Try it, Matt. Be nice and open-minded the next time you go to a new place. Hold back on your critical attitude. You just might be surprised.

Anonymous said...

you are stupid. people like you are a waste of flesh.

Anonymous said...

i know this is an old post, but i would just like to say that i work at great clips and we too have a training center that we send our employees to. you can also request any stylist you would like. we do over 5600 customers each WEEK in our small town of less than 10000. you had one bad experience, which will happen anywhere. so shut up and try again. maybe you were unpleasant and she wanted to get you out of her chair quickly.