Thursday, February 08, 2007

Always Sunny in LOST

So, new episodes of Lost started back up last night. I'm not going to use my blog to talk about plot/hidden meanings/conspiracies. There are hundreds of Lost blogs that already do that (Lost + blog = Llog? Loblog? Stlog? I like stlog.). Anyway, there was one moment of the Lost episode that really shocked me: Seeing Mac from Always Sunny in Philadelphia standing in the jungle as an Others prison guard. He even had a rifle. This threw me off for the rest of an episode.

If you haven't seen the show, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you should. It's a comedy show on FX. It's been described as "Seinfeld on crack." It's about four not-too-intelligent friends who own a bar in Phily. Hilarity ensues. Episodes tackle subjects like underage drinking, birth control, firearms, national pride, but in a funny, entertaining way. Just watch it.

Well, the show's creator, Rob McElhenney, is also one of the show's writers and one of the four main characters, Mac. This guy, Rob McElhenney, is living the dream in my opinion. He created and wrote a comedy show. He got it made and run on an edgy cable network. And he acts in it, too. I would love to do this as a living. Write stories, act them out, and get paid. He's living the dream.

So WTF is he doing as a bit character on Lost? See, to me, I envision a struggling actor taking any supporting role he can get, and in his spare time he writes and pitches his comedy show to studios. But Mac already has his show. Why does he need to be an extra on Lost?

I did some research on the world wide internets and found out the story. Mac was in a restaurant and got approached by two fans who like Always Sunny. Turns out they were writers for Lost. Mac is a fan of Lost,wanted to see how a "real" show was run, and got invited to their set. They said hey dude want to be an extra. He said cool, no way. Done. People helping people. Scratching backs.

So I guess it turns out that he did it just for fun, because he loves Lost. I guess people guest star on other shows all the time. The cast of 24 is all over other shows. I mean how don't the guys on Heros recognize Sylar from CTU? And how come President David Palmer is trying to sell me car insurance?

Maybe the reason it felt so awkward to see Mac on Lost was because he is a writer/actor on a comedy show. Lost is a drama, a weird, fantastical drama, but serious acting nonetheless. I was just hoping to have Charlie pop out and go America all over the Others asses.


Nate said...

I wanted sweet dee to eat their babies!

Roo said...

I completely forgot about lost last week...thanks to your post I'm all caught up and ready for this week!

Joe Hubris said...

Lost is my favorite show and no show has more closely parallels my own life than It's Always Sunny.

It's like someone combined heaven, an orgasm, Grey Goose and foie gras and put it in my TV.

Mark Messing said...

Mac is back!