Monday, May 21, 2007

Giraffes and Beer

Saturday was the First Annual Zoo Brew at the Oregon Zoo, here in Portland. It was a small-to-medium brew festival with maybe twenty local breweries. Most breweries came from Oregon, but a few from Washington, Idaho, and California (pretty much the states that snuggle up and touch Oregon).

Zoo Brew started at 5pm, and my ticket got me admission into the zoo, a special beer glass, and ten tastings. Additional tastings were $1 each. $5 gets you a full glass.

But the best part of Zoo Brew was that they let you leave the beer tents and wander the zoo with your beer. So what did I do? I spent five bucks, got a full glass of Moose Drool Brown Ale, and headed over to visit my homies in the giraffe pen. Here's a picture of me, my beer, and Rascal (he turned away, he's camera shy).

Matt Giraffe + Beer + A Giraffe = Happy Times

Summer's beginning, which means even more brew fests in town, the largest being the Oregon Brewers Festival down on the waterfront, July 26-29th. I hope you'll come and join me. And I hope they have giraffes there, too.


Roo said...

whoever took that picture sure did an awesome he should get an award or something

AH said...

I enjoy beer. I enjoy the zoo. I would like to go to the zoo and drink beer.

I'll be in Portland for OBF, don't you worry.