Monday, April 25, 2005

Matisyahu, Hasidic Reggae, Mon

So I breifly saw this guy mentioned on Best Week Ever, I think in The Sizzler. Anyway, he's a Hasidic Jew Reggae Singer/Rapper/Beat Box. So you'd think that'd be funny right?

Wrong! He's actually really good. Seriously, he's good. Take a look. AND all the songs I found were live in concert--no studio effects to hide behind! So here's what I suggest:

1. Go to his site on and watch his full length music video. It's three minutes of your life you'll enjoy.

2. Go to where you can stream the full album. Click on the brown link in the middle of the page, above the "#1 Sumosonic". I recommend listening to the Beat Box track (along with the others).

3. Research about him at his website

4. Buy his CD at It's only $10. Seriously folks, represent.


Anonymous said...

more Giraffe, whAt!!!!

thats what i be talkin 'bout willis.

Giraffe said...

Soon. Soon.