Friday, July 15, 2005

Because I've got a Golden Ticket...

I've got a golden chance to make my way. And with a golden ticket it's a golden day!!!!

So Drew and I just got back from the new Wonka movie. Go see it. It's good. Anything Tim Burton touches is gold, gold I tell you! Depp was pretty good. Maybe his character just seemed odd, but I guess he was good at being that odd character. He was better in Pirates, and Sleepy Hollow, and Fear and Loathing, and Donnie Brasco, and Eddy Scissors. But he was still good in this.

The umpa lumpas are way different. There songs are all modern and produced. I kinda like the old songs better. And not just the umpa songs, but the golden ticket song, and the way Gene Wilder was freaking everyone out with his song on the boat...Is it raining? Is it snowing? Is a hurricane a-blowing?

Okay but here are some thoughts on the trailers that we saw right before the new Wonka movie.

#1 STEALTH. This movie will suck. Oh no, the plane with the most destructive weapons ever has a mind of it's own! This is crazy. Good idea on paper, bad movie on the screen. It has Jessica Biel in it. Since she left Seventh Heaven, she's done what?--Blade 4? And Jamie Foxx filmed this before Ray, I heard. He should take his Oscar money, and pay for this movie to not be released. And back to the plane--How does it refuel? Can artificial intelligence apply for a Visa card and then use it at the pump?

#2 THE GREATEST GAME EVER PLAYED. Golf movie from Disney, based on a true story. A child plays in the US Open. Preview looked good. Good date movie. Good family movie. This will probably go with Disney's list--The Rookie, Remember the Titans, and Miracle. My boy Shia LeBeouf plays the main character, and let me tell you, this kid is good. He played Louis Stevens, from the Disney Channel Series "Even Stevens." I loved that show, seriously. They shouldn't have cancelled it. Also, he was in I Robot, and my brother and sister said he was good in another Disney movie called "Holes." I never saw it, but I trust the sibs.

#3 WALLACE AND GROMMIT, THE CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT. New claymation movie. Same old great cast of Wallace, the inventor dude, and his trusty dog sidekick Grommit. Trailer looked awesome. If you liked their show, you'll like this movie. Shout out to my buddy, P. Dudd. This movie is for you.

And last but not least....

#4 Wanna Fanta? Dontcha wanna? Wanna Fanta. Wanna Fanta.


holland said...

Wonka on the IMAX. Perhaps I will make my first trip to OMSI in many, many years to check it out.

That said, Wedding Crashers. Sometime this weekenkd. Roger Ebert hated it. Gene Shallit (Today Show) hated it. Even the non-Levy guy in the Oregonian took some digs at it. The movie should be a tour-de-force.

J-Mon said...

you look hott in all that plaster
drink some fanta faster faster !

wearing hats so big anf furry
you need fanta in a hurry
checking in can take its toll
drink some fanta nice and cold

waiting for your chance to scream
fanta helps you beat the steam

wanna fanta dont you wanna wanna fanta?
dont you wanna ? mhm

If I drank fruity soda--- there is no doubt in my mind that I would drink fanta

Giraffe said...

I went to the beach with my family today. I open up the cooler to grab a Coke and find a huge selection... Sprite, Coke, and not one but two kinds of Fanta--orange and grape. The Purple Girl singing in the commercials is my favorite, so I showed her some love and drank the grape. Sitting on the beach so hot. Chug that Fanta. Drink a lot!

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