Wednesday, July 13, 2005

What did the Giraffe eat today?

That's the topic of discussion all around the jungle. Hyenas are asking. Lions are asking. Those deer-like things with the pointy horns are asking. So, what is The Giraffe eating?

A whole lotta tortilla chips, top ramen, and PB+J (I think that's how peanut butter and jelly would be spelled if they opened an ad agency: PB+J).

So what is new in Matt's CD player?

"Be" The new CD from Common. If you've never heard of him, he's a Chicago rapper. Very lyrical, about real issues. His newest CD is produced by Kanye, so if you like Kanye-type beats, then you'll love this CD.

"Monkey Business" by Black Eyed Peas. Don't Phunk with Hockaday's Heart is a classic. There's a song where they sample Jack Johnson, kinda works, kinda weird, because it's a song from like two years ago. There's a song with a James Brown hook, very groovy. Buy this CD, it's good. Here's something I've wondered about BEP now that they have massive success: What do Taboo and Apl feel about their roles in the group. Will is the main singer/rapper/producer and dominantly raps almost all the songs. Fergie sings on all the tracks. So the other two rappers sometimes don't even get their voices on all the tracks. And if they do, they go "Baby girl you make me feeelll. You know you make me feel so reallll. I love you more than sex appealll." And Taboo, those are your only words in the single off the new album. I'm not knocking him, but back in the day he got one third of the rhymes, now he gets to rhyme Real with Feel and Appeal.

"Demon Days" Gorillaz. Feel Good Inc. is a good single. All Alone is another one. What I like is the idea that The Gorillaz is an animated band. All the music is made by Damon Alburn, former frontman of Blur, and the band and all visual materials are animated by Jamie Hewlett. Watch the video, seriously.

Hey Rancher, you ain't the only one who learned how to read. I recently finished "The Green" by Troon McAllister. It's a fictional golf story about the American captain of The Ryder Cup picking a golf hustler to play on the team. It's written very well; it's a fast read. If you liked any of the Rick Reilly golf books, you'll like this better. I'm buying a copy for my dad for his birthday next week. And Nate, unfortunately, the only picture is on the cover.


Joshua and Emily said...

Man I fuckin Love that Gorilaz Clip!
The clouds are awsome.

Marla said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the Common cd. I saw him on Chappelle's show and dug him. Also, gotta love Kanye : )

holland said...

Interesting music picks. Gorillaz, ok. BEP...great (although it is quickly becoming Fergie's band). Never got into Common.

This gets me thinking about a conversation I was having with a friend the other day regarding new music. Anyone who knows me reasonably well knows that my one major vice is buying a new cd and adding it to my ever growing record collection. Anyway, a friend asked what the last cd I bought was. I realized I hadn't bought a cd in about 3 months, when I did the quadruple dip with birthday gift certs.

The 4 discs I bought were:
Ben Folds "Live"
Springsteen's "Devils and Dust"
The Clash's "London Calling Special Anniversary Edition" and
Rodney Dangerfield's "No Respect."

All in all, only one "new" cd out of the bunch. Is this due to the fact that there isn't an onslaught of decent rock music coming out today? Because I'm lazy and it's a pain to go all the way to an independent music store to find what I want to buy (look, as much as I like Target, for the cheapness factor, it's tough to find a band like the Shout Out Louds or the Star Spangles). Or is it because I'm cheap right now, since I don't have the full time job going for me? It's probably a combination of all of the above. I know there is good rock music out there for me to discover, maybe I just need to try harder to get it.

J-Mon said...

People are reading books and listening to music everywhere I go.

G- definitely going to read that book when I get a chance.

Holland, the shout out louds, very good stuff... I discovered them last night on letterman and then switched to leno and BAM they were on that too. CRAXY shit, it was like a sign or something that I need to know more about that band.

holland said...


I heard about them like 3-4 months ago and haven't gotten around to getting the disc yet. They are for sure on the top of the "must buy soon" list.

On a different note, I realize Dave was a rerun last night, but I missed it the first time around. Is it just me, or has Tom Cruise completely brainwashed Katie Holmes? I mean, what a nutjob. Never would've happend if she would have chosen Dawson.