Sunday, July 24, 2005

Just Call Me Tony MoHawk

So today was the big huge 10k Nike Run Hit Wonder in Portland! I was joined by Mike "Speedy" Houston, the Tim "The Cheetah" Messa, and Andy "Mac Truck" Holland. We all ran, we all lived.
Here are some images:


Anonymous said...

Whoa... whats with the MoHawk... ? I do have to say it's a good look for you.... We'll you be keepin this one around for a while?

Marla said...

SWEET hair, Matty! Miss you and Holland : )

holland said...

I did predict that I would die...I did not. Good run. Good bands. Good beer. Good times.

Miss you too Marla. Matt, not so much.

Giraffe: Thirsty Thursday this week. 6pm PGE Park Beer Garden. Be there.

Giraffe said...

Oh and I forget to mention the medals that Andy and Tim won. Check those bad boys out!!! Ba-ling, ba-ling!!!