Friday, October 07, 2005

Hoop Dreams

So I started a basketball team at my family's athletic club, the SAC. The team is composed of JJ and Terry (my roommates), Brian (college roommate), Houston and CD (old co-workers), Bryan and Jack (highschool friend and his friend), and myself. The eight of us are LOS WOMBATS.

Last night was our first game. This week, some people had some conflicts. One had to work, one had family in town, one was on vacation, and one had concert tickets. That left only four of us to play the game. Terry, Jack, CD, and I were ready for the challenge.

Not only was the other team younger than us (young college-aged guys), but there were nine of them. We played them four on five AND THEY HAD FOUR SUBS. This didn't phase us. After some positive thinking, strategizing, and successful practice shots, we were ready for them.

Two minutes into the game, we let 8-5. That's right youngins, you are about to get whooped by four random dudes.

Long story short, we lost 95-42. In a 50 minute game, we couldn't compete with one less man and no subs. I was happy with my playing. I made some good shots, some good passes. I made 3 of 4 foul shots. I decided not to dunk this game. I didn't think it would be the right thing to do at a family athletic club. Maybe next game. I pretty much played my ass off and carried this team.

The other guys on my team played well too.

Also, we have sweet green and white reversible jerseys.


J-Mon said...

at least you gave it your best effort... so proud of you giraffe. Just keep on.. keep on truckin'

I think maybe yo should watch some game film on blue and possible have others over and get a meal of food or something.

War said...

Hey, at least you've hit a straight flush at the local casino and none of these yahoos ever have.

Anonymous said...

to bad about the game. like your blog