Thursday, July 27, 2006

Vegas Twice in One Month?

As much a I tell my friends (and myself) how much I should quit poker, it's hard to follow through when every once and a while I win a large poker tournament (okay Hellmuth, at least large in my eyes). Poker takes up time that I wish I could spend reading, drawing, hanging with buddies, working on advertising projects to further my career. There are only so many free hours in a day.

Poker is streaky, and during the months when I am not winning much, I feel that maybe this is a bad, time-consuming hobby. I made a lot of money my senior year in college, but haven't made very much comparitively in the two years since graduating. I've recently reevaluated my playing style, what types of games I play in, and things like that.

I realized that in college I would play more large tournaments (5+ hours online). Nowadays, with a job and other activities, I haven't had many 5+ hour stretches of time to set aside for poker. But I'm trying to play more to where my strengths are, and I feel my game is on the upswing.

JJ introduced me to a local bar's tournament (40 or so person tourny where 5 make the money). I've only been five times, but I have made the money every time (1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 5th).

So, right now I'm feeling good. But the big question is this... Do I hop on a plane and play in The $10,000 Main Event of the World Series of Poker, which starts Friday-Sunday? Or do I take the money and pay off every single ounce of credit card debt?

As much as I would like to go to Vegas, the responsible side of me chooses to pay off my debts.


War said...

But if you win the Main Event, you'll be debt free for the rest of your life. Unless you blow it all by doing lines off a stripper's ass Doogie Howser style.

Roo said...

Matt rocks!