Friday, April 22, 2005

Ancient History

So I found out today that some of my cereal boxes are obsolete. That the information on that two-year-old Rice-O-Roni is incorrect. That sugar isn't one of the food groups. And that I need to change the lyrics to my "Food Rap."

As of this week, there is no more Food Pyramid. There are now, like, twelve or something. And your Personalized Pyramid Plan is dependant upon the information you enter into their site: age, gender, exercise.

It's cool! They even have a special section where you can track your actual food calorie intake and physical activity. Or it least, it would be cool, but when you click on that link, the service is unavailable. I like the idea and effort though.

Crap it's 11:57PM and I only have 3 minutes to get in 3 more servings of vegetables and 2 serving of fruit. And one milk. Dang it, hold on. Day one, and I've already dishonored my Personalized Pyramid Plan, or my "Triple-P" as I like to call it.

So I was watching Making The Band 3 on MTV, and I realized a weird, possibly intentional similarity on these reality shows. It seems that these shows must require that at least one contestant has a parent who is on their deathbed or is fighting cancer (examples off the top of my head: Patty- Making the Band 3, mom is dying; Sarah- Real World Philly, mom is currently fighting cancer and is in keimo; Girl (name unknown) on America's Next Top Model, friend died... i'm sure there's more examples).

This might not be a new trend, but I'm just now noticing it, seems like 3 or 4 just this week! I'm starting to think that the casting agents on the show are looking for people with situations like this. If nothing happens, no biggie, they still have that person in the house or on the show. But if their tragedy happened, ie mom dies, then instant drama. The more I type, the more I think this is true. And that just seems wrong.

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