Monday, April 25, 2005

Sorry Ladies, Conjugal Visits Not Allowed

Alright, this weekend Drew and I watched an E! True Hollywood Story Investigates show called “Love Behind Bars.” Just the title on the TV Guide Channel sparked my interest. Here’s the lowdown. I guess it’s common for nationally reported mass murders, many with life-sentences, to have people fall in love with them and contact them through letters and telephone. Some feel sorry for them and give support. Some believe they’re innocent and try to help. One lady got semi-brainwashed over the phone with a mass murderer and attempted to commit a copycat crime so that her man on the inside could be proven innocent (if the crimes were still being committed while he is behind bars)! Luckily she failed and then snapped out of it, but was sentenced for premeditated attempted murder! I wonder if she ever met the mass murderer she was trying to help on the inside.

Anyways, if you want to contact a prisoner here are a couple of them to look at:

Sandra from LA, convicted of transporting controlled substances, set for release in 2010, she enjoys art and literature.

Sherry from Sutter County, convicted of battery, 37 years old and looking to marry, she like computers, water sports, and candle lit dinners.

Lastly, Gregory from Dayton Ohio, he’s 23, likes traveling and a multitude of sports, incarcerated for robbery, goes by the nickname “DaPrince.”

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Anonymous said...

I'll take Sandra for $100, Trebek. She sounds hot. See, I was just joking. But you, Giraffe, with the seriousness of this make it sound like you might not be joking. That's all I'm saying.