Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ice Capades

Do you remember the 2002 Winter Olympics? I do. And if you are like me, you were introduced to a previously unknown sport that unified and entertained every member of your household for a solid two weeks.

You talked about this sport with your friends. You explained the rules about scoring to your sister. You boasted how yes, it was silly, but you were sure you could easily make the Olympic team if you wanted, or at least take State. You might have even referred to this sport (and I use the term “sport” loosely) as Canadian Bowling, Frozen Shuffleboard, or That Rock Sliding Thing with the Sweepers with Brooms.

So tonight I went curling for the first time. And let me tell you something, it was all I hoped for and more. I met Portland’s own Evergreen Curling Club at the glorious Lloyd Center Mall Skating rink for and hour and a half of curling and sweeping education. No, there weren’t any ice skaters practicing routines while we played, but that could be a sport of its own, like dodgeball-skating-curling or something.

Anyway, they had teams playing their final league game on three of the courts and the club president taught us on the fourth court. We learned how to throw the stone, sweep the ice as the stone was moving, and play the game. Us rookies who didn’t have special curling shoe instead used duct tape on the bottom of one shoe for sliding when releasing the stone and when sweeping the moving stone. And a thing about sweeping- it warms up the ice a fraction of a degree and helps the stone both go farther and curve less. It has nothing to do with cleaning debris or smoothing the ice, like I had assumed.

The curling club members were all normal people or nerds. Not everyone was athletic, but everyone seemed to be having fun. All and all, I had a good time, and it only cost $5. Sadly, curling season is over until September. I need to get three buddies to form a team with me. We can make some real kick ass t-shirts.


Anonymous said...


Welcome, child, into this world. Curling, eh? Sounds fun! I think we could go curling down the streets here in Wyoming. Yes, it did snow today. Yes, the calender does say "April." I love this state!

Keep up the good work my friend. I have a feeling that a giraffe blog could only be funny.


Anonymous said...

Sign me up!! I've already got a good t-shirt design in mind.

Hell, maybe I should get a blog too, instead of posting comments. I'll form an exploratory board right away.

J-Mon said...

welcome to the world that is blogging my good man.

I was just telling myself the other day that the interent needed a long necked spotted fellow posting his thoughts on curling.

you're my boy...