Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Why don't more holidays have "eves"? There are some good ones, like New Years Eve, Christmas Eve, and even Halloween is technically an eve. All usually have good parties, good food, and sometimes presents. I think that there should be more eves. Flag Eay Eve... President’s Day Eve... Evester...

I even want to have an eve for my birthday. I think that would be a good one. Kind of like two birthdays. Like a preparty and then an afterparty. (Then after the party?—The Hotel Lobby... Six in the Mornin’, Six in the Mornin’.)

Thanksgiving is this week, but so is a new holiday. And I think that the new holiday, Thanksgiving Eve (aka Evesgiving), should be a little bit different. Like instead of being thankful, you get to demand that others be thankful of you. Kind of like calling out why people should thank you on the next day (Thanksgiving).

“This Evesgiving, I want you to be thankful of me. I totally saved your ass by paying rent that one month. And what about when I picked you up from the airport? And you didn’t even offer to pay for gas? What was that? I need double thanks for that one…”

Happy Evesgiving.

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The Mysterious Mike Houston said...

I am thankful that Eve is hot and likes apples and wears only fig leaves.