Friday, November 17, 2006

Things I Think About When I See a Homeless Person

Today I saw a homeless person pushing a cart down the street. He had all of his belongings in his shopping cart, and it was a little chilly outside. And this made me think.

Do grocery stores get to write of the stolen shopping carts on their taxes? Like, is that a "charitable donation?" Or can they put stolen carts in the "net loss" category? Do they buy 200 new cart with the foresight that 10-15 will get stolen?

If they see the act of stealing, do they chase after the getaway cart?

Do grocery stores file police reports for stolen carts? “Hello, 911? It’s Safeway. We just got cart jacked! Yes, again!” Cops would then pull over a homeless guy and search the VIN number of the cart? "So, buddy, you just found the cart in a ditch, you say? Likely story. We're taking you downtown and putting you in a lineup. Book him, Murphy."

Homeless people are getting free reign here. Stealing carts when and wherever they want! They’re getting away with murder! Well, not murder. It’s just an expression. But I’m sure that some homeless people have gotten away with murder, but that’s another blog.


The Mysterious Mike Houston said...

everytime they steal a cart from me, i steal their shoes.

holland said...

did you ever take into account the stores that have the locking wheels after the cart has left the parking lot. For example, see the Freds in NW Portland. There is usually 5 or 6 non-movable carts out on the sidewalk. Kind of funny, actually.

Brick said...

Yeah, I was going to say the same thing as Holland.

All the grocery stores I go to have carts with one locking wheel that locks up when you get far enough away.

So now bums have to find vintage shopping carts. I wonder if there's a shopping cart exchange somewhere? A place where people exiting homelessness can leave their carts for homeless rookies just starting out.

Anonymous said...

this is the guy i remember winning the henry bibby love-fest! i love your bloggings.