Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Okay, so I came up with another invention. You can't steal it though. I'm moral trademarking it right now. If you steal this idea and make tons of money, you will pay with your soul. Or stock options. I accept both.

So here's the idea...HeliChips. Bags of chips that are packed in helium instead of...air? or whatever they normally have in them. But it's a bag of Tortilla chips, Sun Chips, or Doritos that has helium in it! Wouldn't that be freakin' awesome?!?!

Just think about ripping open a bag and then huffing chip vapors and talking like Simon or Theodore. "Meeee, I wannnnnt a hoooooola-hoooooop!" Oh man, I'm so excited just typing about it.

There are so many kinds of chips you could helium! (<---notice that I used "helium" as a verb, to helium something) Of course, we could do it with all the "itos" (Doritos, Fritos, Tostidos, Lays with Rigiditos). We could even do it with Cheetos! (another "ito.") Each different chip could have its own heliumed name, like Cheetos HeliCrunchy and Cheetos HeliPuffs.

Okay, time to wrap it up and get serious. Potential financial investors, here are the top three selling benefits of HeliChips:
1. Freaking awesome product. Unique. Funny voice alterations. Shared experiences. Smiles all around.

2. Huge target audience: Childen, Adults, College students, Stoners... the list goes on.

3. Cuts down on transportation costs. By packing our product in a lifting gas, our semi trucks will be lighter, and use less fuel. Another option could be delivering it in a blimp!

Investors, contact me.


Warren Buffett said...

Hi, I am interested in your idea. Please tell me how to get involved.

The Mysterious Mike Houston said...

also you should invent at the same time, a net that keeps the bags out of your way in the back seat while you drivin. Ad starts like this: "ARE YOU TIRED OF HELI-CHIP BAGS OBSTRUCTING YOUR VISION WHEN YOU'RE TRYING TO PARALLEL PARK??? INTRODUCING THE NEW HELI-NET!!!"