Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or... Frozen Stuffed Sandwich?

I had an uneventful Halloween day this year. I didn't go to a party or to a bar. I had a new costume that we made a work, but I didn't wear it out. The past couple years, I have had a run of some good ones--a toilet, UPS delivery man, "From Corvalis" (pretty much a hunting hick). I did go to a buddy's housewarming/halloween party last weekend and saw some good costumes.

But for the actual Halloween day, I just stayed in and watch the NBA openers on TNT and did some reading. I wasn't really feeling "Halloween-y" this year. No pumpkin carving, no fake spiderwebs, and no candy. I didn't buy any. So I tried to avoid trick-or-treaters. I closed the blinds at my apartment and turned off the lights. And this actually worked.

The whole night, I only got one doorbell ring. When I answered it, I was greeted by a brother-sister trick-or-treating duo. The were probably 5 and 7 years old. One was a ballerina and one was a turtle. (Guess which was which? Hint--if the boy was in a tutu, I would have said "One was a ballerino.")

Well crap, I didn't have any candy, so I improvised... HOT POCKETS! Yes, the ballerina and the turtle left my apartment with nutricious, delicious Hot Pockets. If only I were that lucky as a child! The only thing I can remember getting that wasn't candy was a toothbrush (the dentist in the neighborhood), and a toothbrush is no fun.

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